Fischer’s Neighborhood Market proudly announces the reopening of Pit Stop Food Mart #1, located at 974 North Walnut Avenue, New Braunfels, as a new Fischer’s Market Express.

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    Opened in 1975 as Pit Stop #1 by Maurice and Charlene Fischer, the store renovation marks the beginning of a historic move forward for all Pit Stop Food Marts in the New Braunfels and San Antonio areas.

    This is the first legacy site to be remodeled as a Fischer’s Market Express.

    The new Fischer’s Market Express locations will function as sister stores to the larger Fischer’s Neighborhood Markets, which offer a premium shopping experience of food, fuel, and fun for roadway users of all types.

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    “Our company core values of respect, integrity, service, excellence, unceasing growth, and passion — are the guiding light by which we make our decisions and perform our jobs,”

    said Rodney Fischer, Owner. This dedication to quality and continuous improvement is the cornerstone in the brand’s decision to renovate all Pit Stops into the new Fischer’s Market Express stores.

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    Guests at this and future Fischer’s Market Express locations can expect to enjoy many of the same amenities as their full-size counterparts, including quality food, snacks, beverages, lottery tickets, unique gifts, car wash services, and of course — free tea on Tuesdays.

    Fischer’s Market Express stores will also feature “bean-to-cup” fresh-brewed coffee, quality Shell fuel, an upscale wine selection and luxurious restrooms. Both Fischer’s Neighborhood Market and Fischer’s Market Express customers will have the opportunity to become Shell FRN members, which can save them up to 20¢ per gallon on fuel.

    Locally owned and family-run since 1966, Fischer’s Market stores are the result of a company vision dedicated to friendly customer service, cleanliness, competitive pricing, and a commitment to excellence.

    With deep roots in the community, the Fischer’s Market brand works to give back every year through fundraising efforts to causes like local high school sports teams, the American Heart Association, MDA, the Humane Society of New Braunfels, and other non-profits. “We all have the ability to make a positive difference to those with whom we come in contact,” stated Rodney Fischer, citing a strong belief in both interpersonal and community support as an integral of the Fischer’s Market culture.

    The first Fischer’s Market Express location is now open and the transition of all Pit Stops in the New Braunfels and San Antonio areas will soon follow.

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