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Fischer’s Neighborhood Market is your one-stop-shop for Food, Fuel, and Fun! Our clean, modern convenience stores offer top-quality Shell fuel products for your vehicle and delicious food for your family. We offer a wide assortment of snacks, drinks, souvenirs, and convenient services. We are a family-owned business based in New Braunfels, TX and proud to be active in our local community.

A great day is brewing.

At Fischer’s Neighborhood Market, you will find the perfect fresh brewed coffee, hot or iced or enjoy a tasty cappuccino. Join our coffee rewards program, fill up the punch card, and enjoy a cup on us!

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    fresh options

    Convenience stores often get a bad rap for neglecting healthy foods and leaving options that force travelers to “choose the lesser of two evils” instead of choosing something truly healthy. Fischer’s Neighborhood Market knows the importance of healthy eating, which is why we proudly provide our customers with fresh, good-for-the-body and good-for-your-conscience food choices. We offer fresh fruit, yogurt, various granola bars, cheese sticks, salads, and more! No need to fret – we’ll help you keep down your calorie count.

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    deli section

    Fischer’s Neighborhood Market provides several varieties of deli sandwiches and salads, made with fresh and delicious ingredients, every time. The options aren’t endless, but there sure are a lot of them!

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    roller grill

    It wouldn’t be a convenience store without a trusty ole roller grill – except ours is full of new and exciting options! We’ve got everything from traditional hot dogs to spicy Italian dogs, and all the dogs in between. Not to mention our “tornados” are always hot, crispy, and satisfying. And, of course, we have a condiment bar, fully prepared to meet your tastebuds’ needs. Come on in and try it out!

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    donuts & pastries

    Sometimes you just need a donut. Or seven. Whatever the amount, we’ve got you covered! Fischer’s Neighborhood Market is just as happy to help you eat healthy as we are to supply the goods for your much-deserved “reward” days. We’ve got glazed donuts, creme-filled donuts, cinnamon buns, and so much more! So go ahead – treat yourself.

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    good food, fast

    Having McDonald’s, Wendy’s, Church’s Chicken and local favorites inside some of our stores is something that makes Fischer’s Neighborhood Market unique from our competitors – it gives our customers the option of a quick meal while on the go. The kids love it. Your wallet loves it.

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    Nothing is cooler than a treat from our one-of-a-kind Fro-Zone! Stop in and grab ice cream, milkshakes, smoothies, frozen slushes and other ice cold favorites to help beat that Texas heat. Keep it real with our F’real milkshake machines that whip up freshly spun shakes, smoothies and protein shakes in your choice of flavors. Shake it up with a icy Frazil slush. With flavors like Tiger’s Blood and Blue Razzmatazz you’re  sure to enjoy our tasty ice cold slushes.

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    We are proud to serve America’s #1 made-to-order and by-the-slice pizza – Hunt Brothers Pizza! High quality pizza with a low impact on your budget. View participating locations HERE.

It’s tea-thirty!

Every Tuesday is FREE TEA TUESDAY!

Stop in and grab your free tea today!

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    car wash

    Keep your car sparkling clean with a car wash from Fischer’s. Choose the monthly package that’s right for you with the Fischer’s Clean Car Club. Text “FISCHERS” to 575-222-2201 to download the app and sign up today. Sit back and let our state-of-the-art machinery gently cleanse your car’s exterior. Protect your investment with optional finishing touches. Our automated drive-thru car washes offer 24-hour service, so we’re ready when you are. Drive in today (or tonight).

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    unique gifts

    Treasure hunting at a convenience store? You bet! Fischer’s Neighborhood Markets feature a wide array of unique and memorable gifts for the whole family. Whether you’re a tourist or a native, we’ll wow you with our selection of clothes, jewelry, toys, souvenirs, and wonderful treasures. You never know what you’ll find, so stop in today!

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    live bait & fishing tackle

    While you’re fueling up your truck and boat, stop inside the store for ice, food, beverages, and a full line of fishing gear. We handle tackle from several top manufacturers plus artificial lures and fish-nabbin’ live bait. Start your next tall tale with one convenient stop — right here at Fischer’s.

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    post office

    As an added convenience, some Fischer’s locations feature in-store USPS services. Pick up shipping supplies; pack, weigh, and ship parcels; or send out letters right from your favorite corner store. Services vary by location.

low fuel prices

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Shell FRN members save 5¢ per gallon* on every fill up!

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